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Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids get their power from replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries. If you have trouble handling or seeing small objects, rechargeable hearing aids might be the solution for you. As part of your hearing aid fitting, Awender Audiology will show you how to either change or recharge your batteries. How long you go between battery changes or charges depends on the number of features you use, the battery size and your wearing habits. Always keeps new batteries on hand.

Sizes of disposable batteries

Different hearing aid styles use different batteries. The size and features determine the size battery your devices use. Some hearing aids include an app for your smartphone to let you know your battery level. Other hearing aids may make a chirping sound as the battery reaches the end of its useful life. Shopping for hearing aid batteries is easy. In addition to being assigned a numeric code, each size battery is also represented by a color. The four most common hearing aid battery sizes are:

  • Orange (#13) for behind the ear and in the ear instruments. They can last up to 240 hours.
  • Brown (#312) is the smallest battery available and is used for in the canal or completely in the canal hearing aids. It can last up to 175 hours.
  • Yellow (#10) batteries are used in small hearing aids like in-the-canal and completely-in-canal devices. However, this battery has a shorter life at about 80 hours.  
  • Blue (#675) is the largest battery, and it has the longest life. This size is used to power bigger hearing aids. Blue batteries can last as long as 300 hours.

Rechargeable batteries

More and more people are opting for the freedom of rechargeable batteries. These hearing aids come with a recharging station (like other digital devices such as smartphones and tablets). The amount of time between charges varies depending on the functions and features you use. In addition, some hearing aids can operate with either rechargeable or disposable batteries.

Even rechargeable batteries may need replacement over the years. If your rechargeable batteries aren’t recharging correctly, bring them into the Awender Audiology. 

Getting the most from your hearing aid battery life

For the longest battery life, you must treat your batteries with care.

  • Wait a few minutes after pulling the tab on a new battery before installing in your hearing aid
  • Exposure to moisture decreases battery life. Keep hearing aids dry.
  • Store hearing aids with the battery door open. 
  • Keep hearing aids and extra batteries in a cool and dry place.