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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Turn to Awender Audiology for a complete range of hearing care services. Whether you come into our office or we come to you, you’ll always receive the expert one-on-one attention you deserve. Our team of audiologists is ready to perform personalized services where and when you need them. 

What We Offer:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
  • Demonstration of Latest Technology
  • Fitting of Custom Hearing Protection
  • Fitting/Adjusting of Hearing Aids and Accessories
  • Follow-Up Care
  • Musicians’ Plugs
  • Simple Wax Removal for Appropriate Patients

In-Home Hearing Healthcare Services 

We travel to patients in Northwest IL and provide one-on-one consultations. When it comes to scheduling, we go out of our way to accommodate your schedule. Trust us to arrive at your home on the date and time you prefer, whether it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Why Do I Need to Have My Hearing Evaluated? 

Not everyone who is tested needs hearing aids. This is why Dr. Awender carefully checks each patient’s hearing before recommending the appropriate treatment. Only after testing and evaluating a patient’s difficulties can we offer the best hearing solutions for his/her unique needs.

Many patients suffer from tinnitus, a condition where a person hears ringing or noises in the ears. If you are having this problem, we can provide treatment options. The companies that we work with now have solutions for tinnitus sufferers.

Hearing Tests

If you suspect you have hearing loss or have failed a hearing screening, make an appointment with Awender Audiology. You’ll receive a complete evaluation of your hearing. Our audiologists use state of the art technology to identify hearing loss and determine the nature and degree of any hearing loss present. 

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Cerumen Removal

Ear wax protects our ears. But too much ear wax interferes with how sound is conducted and can be uncomfortable. Trust Awender Audiology for gentle, pain-free removal of hardened or impacted earwax.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

A successful hearing aid experience requires careful evaluation of more than just your hearing loss. Awender Audiology will take into account your lifestyle, cosmetic concerns, physical limitations and budget when matching the available technology to your individual needs. Purchase stress-free, confident that you have a full 45-day free trial period to know you love hearing again. 

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

Hearing is highly personal. No two people hear the same, so no two hearing aids should be programmed the same. We take the time to adjust your devices to the way you want to hear. Wearing hearing aids should be easy. Our goal is to provide you personal, exceptional hearing care. We always encourage you to bring a friend or family to your hearing aid fitting. The first voice you hear should be one you recognize.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Whether you purchased your hearing aids from us or not, we are here to provide repairs when you need them. Many hearing aid repairs can be performed at our convenient location while you wait. If your repairs are extensive and the devices must be returned to the manufacturer, we’ll take care of that for you too. In addition to repairs, we perform deep cleaning and adjustments to maximize the life of your devices. 

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Tinnitus Treatment and Management

Tinnitus can be temporary and mildly annoying. Or, tinnitus can be long-lasting, loud enough to interfere with everyday activities and devastating to quality of life. Over 50 million people in the US are affected by tinnitus. Don’t suffer; Awender Audiology can help. 

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